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Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd (EMA) provides market research, strategic planning, project execution support, and dispute resolution expertise to clients in the offshore energy sector.

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Market Research

EMA maintains an extensive database tracking the entire lifecycle of the floating production industry – from planning to contract award to project execution, installation, operation, and decommissioning / redeployment. Asset types include FPSOs, FSOs, TLPs, Spar, Production Semi, FSRU, FLNG, and MOPU. 

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Floating LNG

EMA was engaged to perform a comprehensive assessment of the risks and opportunities in the FLNG market. The scope included review of current technology, commercial viability, financing issues and competitive landscape.

Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU)

Deepwater Drilling

A government trade association asked EMA to provide an overview of the equipment market for deepwater drilling rigs. Our report included a summary of the major types of equipment, leading manufacturers and potential areas of opportunity.

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Strategic Advisory

EMA has provided strategic advisory services to a number of companies including ship owners and shipyards. Scope included assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, potential areas of opportunity in the offshore market, level of risk appetite and competitive advantages. In addition, specific recommendations included potential partnerships, acquisitions, target clients, areas and projects.

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Capability Assessment & Strategic Plan

An engineering company requested EMA to review their current capabilities, the competitive landscape, and identify growth opportunities. EMA conducted interviews to assess the client’s strengths & weaknesses, and compared them to the competition. Based on this information, EMA was then able to recommend target markets, as well as specific projects and clients with developments in the planning pipeline.

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FSO Tender Strategy

EMA assisted a large National oil company with strategy for replacement of an existing FSO with a new unit. Work scope included pre-qualification criteria, cost estimation, schedule estimation, risk assessment, contracting strategy and contract review.

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Business Development

EMA personnel have assisted clients throughout the business development process – from client/project identification, marketing, pre-qualification, proposal preparation, contract negotiation to contract award. We are particularly aware of the tender processes and contracting requirements for floating production projects in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Executive Briefings

EMA has provided executive briefings to the board and senior management of various public companies. The briefing scopes included an overview of the floating production market, types of floating production systems, competitive landscape, technical, commercial & management risks, necessary resources, and keys to success. In addition, we have provided expert advice to many investment professionals interested in the floating production sector.

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EMA Team

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David Boggs


Mr. David Boggs is the founder and Managing Director of EMA and has the primary role in all projects that the company undertakes. David has over 20 years’ experience in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry including extensive involvement in numerous FSO and FPSO projects, including as project manager. He has performed market research, strategic planning, project execution support, and business development expertise to clients in the offshore energy sector.

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Yun Xu


Yun Xu, a key contributor, is responsible for EMA’s flagship product, the Floating Production Report. She closely collaborates with David to maintain and update the in-house database, prepare quarterly reports, and ensure timely delivery of work. Yun also assists in customized market research projects for various clients, gathering and processing information from multiple sources, along with creating data visualization presentations.

Our Clients

Our clients cover a wide cross section of FPS world from oil companies, to EPC companies, to shipyards, equipment and services providers large and small, banks/financing, and classification societies. Covering world regions from Norway/UK/North Sea, Houston, Mexico, Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, Brazil & South America.

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